image-left Music is one of my passions, and a conduit for self-discovery and expression. I firstly started playing electric guitar at 15, and through the years I had several music projects and bands playing keyboards, guitar, and singing.

Over the years I played in my native town, Bahía Blanca, I collaborated with several bands playing different styles; from rock and reggae to bossa nova.

To see my Computer Science projects related to Music, please visit my CS Projects section.

Lo Barato Sale Caro

Lo Barato Sale Caro was my primary music project. A flexible funk power-trio of friends that generally incorporated guest musics in the gigs, I had the best of the times playing with them. While being the main vocalist and composer, I played the guitar or the synthesizer depending of the song.

The flexibility of the band allowed me to explore different genres within it, such as blues, funk, Classic R&B and West Coast. In 2017 we issued our first and only EP comprising five original songs.


Eclécticos was a pop band with original songs and many popular covers. I played as a regular drop-in keyboardist when time allowed me. The composer, guitarist and friend Pablo Benedetti invited me to record synthesizer and Rhodes piano in two of their songs.

Novansamba Duo

With Novansamba I explored the enchanting sound of Bossa-Nova. An excellent middle step for learning jazz armony while keeping things not so complicated. While playing in this duo I learned many interesing armonic and rythmic techniques in guitar playing. I also jumped to the piano from time to time.

Raices de limon

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In this beautiful family of reggae and ska I explored my rockiest side playing lead electric guitar.


One of the first groups I took part with, I played synthesizer while doing 80’s covers.