Transform the sound of your instrument using Neural Nets and FM synthesis.
As you play. In Real Time.

How does it work?

Bessel’s Trick uses Audio-to-Audio transformation of musical instrument sounds.


Under the hood, the plugin extracts features (RMS, Pitch) from a musical instrument input, and feeds them to a neural net that controls an FM synth. We run the nets at ~700 times a second, providing minimum latency.

Get the Plugin

  • First, choose the package according to your OS.
macOS ARM macOS intel Ubuntu

Latest update: 22/10/23 - Version 0.12


The plugin can be loaded into any DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that supports VST3 or AU plugin formats.
Each each neural net (called model) works like a synth patch.
Each model implements a new sound you can control with your instrument.

  • Download the plugin into a directory where your DAW can see it.
  • Download and uncompress the pretrained models.
  • Open the plugin at your DAW, and press the (+) button.
  • Select the folder where you uncompressed the pretrained models.
  • Done! The models can now be selected from the GUI’s list.


Your feedback is very valuable! If you and have any comments, feedback or ideas about this project Contact Me.


This project was developed as part of my PhD at the Centre For Digital Music and the Augmented Instruments Lab.